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I’m a Bee Gees superfan and collector and can be a guest on your pop culture or music podcast. Topics are not just limited to talking about the Brothers Gibb, I can elaborate on fandom, collecting, and social media marketing.


Ep: "Hold that Falsetto! It's David Fedor of "Bee Gees (and Me)"!"

"The Bee Gees, you say? Yep. I think it's pretty cool how David uses his passion as a superfan and reaches out to other superfans with a great podcast." - host Jim Pinzarrone of "Sherpalution"

Episode 5: David Fedor of Bee Gees and Me

"I spent some time chatting with the wonderful and funny David Fedor about all kinds of things, from joblessness during the Pandemic, to Rasslin' to the Bee Gees."

Part 1
Part 2

"David Fedor @beegeesandme loves the BeeGees’ music the way many of us love Bruce Springsteen’s music. He joins Jesse to share his passion for their music and their legacy. He also shares seeing Barry Gibb doing "I’m On Fire" live."

Episode 35: The Super Fan - David Fedor of Bee Gees and Me

"This week, we welcome a super fan and collector of Bee Gees memorabilia, David Fedor. He's the man behind, as well as his own unboxing channel on YouTube. Get inside the mind of a super fan and maybe get some tips about being a collector. Check out this cool conversation, as well as all of David's social media, under the name @BeeGeesAndMe."

Culture Nerds Podcast

Ep 13 - Nights on Broadband

"The Nerds discuss The Bee Gees with David Fedor. @dsfedor is an author, pop culture collector, and host of the “List Rate Rank” podcast. His latest project “Bee Gees And Me,” explores his unique experiences as an atypical Bee Gees fan."

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