A Closer Look at My Bee Gees And Me Photos

Leisure and Me

This is one of my favorites, especially because of how much that came together to make this one work as well as it did.

First, adding myself was easy with the extra empty space behind Maurice, even lucky it was a plain background. I only needed to stretch the space slightly. I was excited to find an old photo of myself with desheveled hair that resemebellled Maurice's bangs, and I used a leisure-suit looking body from a stock photo. Another stock photo provided the cocktail I'm holding, and the other hand on Maurice's shoulder was copied from Mo's hand on Robin's shoulder.

My favorite detail was adding myself to the poster Barry, Robin and Maurice are holding, even adding my autograph since the Brothers signed too. On the poster I also had some glare that washed out Robin's face, so I improved that on my edit.